EPoS & IT Installation

EPoS & IT Installation

Our nationwide network of experienced and skilled engineers can install all EPoS & IT systems, independent of hardware and software vendors.

EPoS & IT installations need to be meticulously planned and scoped with the needs of our clients in mind. Our flexible and adaptive approach is vitally important to ensure that we deploy the correct solution to meet your requirements. We know that each project can vary according to size, location and your individual system specifications.

Our team of experts are on hand from conception right through to delivery, providing everything you need, supported with excellent project management and open communication. Whether it’s a vanilla install, a reinstall after a refurbishment or an upgrade to a live trading site we understand the need to meet tight deadlines and ensure that your customers are not inconvenienced.

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An essential ingredient to ensuring the best installation of any EPoS or IT solution is a detailed survey tailored to meet your needs. Celestra can produce a comprehensive survey document which captures site specific details supported with photographs and site plans.
We will provide a smooth transition from old to new EPoS or IT infrastructure, decommissioning old equipment and installing new equipment with care and attention to detail.
Upgrading your current solution will often deliver improved performance, greater flexibility and functionality, improving user operability and customer satisfaction.
Provide full evaluation and analysis on all projects to ensure the highest level of quality and service.
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