Data & Power Cabling

Data & Power Cabling

When it comes to data and power cabling, one size never fits all. We work with our clients to tailor a solution that not only works for them in the short term, but future proofs their investment as their business grows.

Data and Power cabling needs are completely bespoke to each of our clients. Whether we are designing and building our clients network infrastructure from scratch, or if we are integrating with an existing system, we focus on the needs of the client and the perfect outcome to their project. All work is carried out by our highly skilled engineers and signed off to current UK industry standards.

We understand the investments customers make in their sites and it is essential that any cabling installed has a minimum impact on the aesthetics of the building. Additionally we ensure that there is minimal disruption on site and your ability to serve your customers. Whether it requires overnight work or access during the early hours of the morning, we tailor our solution to meet your needs.

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We can install or maintain your dedicated EPoS Power using our teams working to the latest industry regulations.
Our teams are experienced in the installation of CAT5e & CAT6 networks. This can be a anything from a single network point on site to a new site with hundreds of network points.
Optical Fibre Networks are often required to link buildings, overcome large distances or to provide high speed backbone links between internal networks. Our teams are trained and experienced in fulfilling your requirements.
We are able to provide any cabling requirements to support any audio & visual technology in your business including televisions, speakers and projectors.
Digital Media is an important technology used in hospitality and we understand the importance of ensuring the cabling required to support this is installed discretely so not to distract from the viewing experience.
IP Camera's are used not only for security but also as an effective tool to monitor customer footfall and so that staff are correctly deployed to ensure you deliver a quality customer service. We understand the importance of ensuring that all cabling required to support this technology is discrete.
We are specialists in installing KMS (Kitchen Management Systems) and providing robust and bespoke cabling solutions suitable for deployment in harsh kitchen environments.
We provide networking solutions for all of your Telephony needs to support your telephones, PDQ's and VOIP networks.
We understand the importance of Time & Attendance terminals and the careful consideration required for the network infrastructure. We need to avoid the devices being accidentally or deliberately disconnected.
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