Wi-Fi & Wireless Services

Wi-Fi & Wireless Services

Wi-Fi is an essential element in many Hospitality and Retail outlets. Therefore it is imperative you choose the right partner that can not only provide market leading expertise and the latest in hardware technology, but also understands your business and what you want to achieve through your Wi-Fi solution.

By creating a completely comprehensive solution that is operated, deployed and fully managed by Celestra, Clients are now able to maximise their operations on site whilst also engaging directly with customers through smart technology and eCRM integration.

Wi-Fi by Celestra delivers network design, hardware configuration, software implementation, proactive monitoring and maintenance. This class-leading deployment and amalgamation of expertise from market leading partners delivers an integral solution that benefits multiple areas of any business and their future needs.

W-ifi by celestra

How to achieve a better Wi-Fi solution

To improve customer experience it is vital to have a resilient infrastructure. Wi-Fi by Celestra is a multi faceted solution that allows a network to run behind the scenes managing data and connectivity. This allows Clients to enhance their customer experience by providing a solution that is reliable and secure.

wi-fi by celestra

Discover a better Wi-Fi solution and download Wi-Fi by Celestra

As a fully managed service that maximises the service uptime, Celestra manage the entire solution from the beginning to end.
By dedicating Wi-Fi between business functions and customers, you are reducing the risk to your business network and increasing its reliability. Corporate Wi-Fi is designed to ensure business as usual activities can continue to take place whilst your Guest Wi-Fi continues to fulfill your customers' needs.
Celestra will work with you to assist in the development, management, education, and awareness of your security. This is critical with regards to PCI DSS compliance and the processing of customer data.
To ensure maximum performance and coverage from your system, Celestra conducts wireless site surveys and documents coverage maps, relevant photographs and site specific needs to go with the plans.
Our skilled consultants can design your wireless architecture in conjunction with your team, which will meet your specific system and network requirements.
Celestra’s close partnership with market leading technology providers means all Celestra clients have the most up to date hardware installed into their infrastructure.
Our specially qualified engineers will implement your new wireless infrastructure for optimal performance, with the ability to customise the solution on site as required.
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